Your Speed, Our Greed

Explore a different kind of car maker, one that caters to the rich, creating the most absurd and ostentatious vehicles ever seen. From over-the-top luxury to specially-themed vehicles like the Retro Wasteland Series, the Retro-Futurist Series, to ridiculous looking art cars, this 218 page brochure showcases cars that no one else will (or should) offer for sale.

Every image in Your Speed Our Greed was created using artificial intelligence, and is a fun, snarky exploration of an alternate history where a morally bankrupt car maker operates with almost no boundaries, oversight or ethical concerns, making ridiculous looking cars for millionaires with more money than class…or common sense. Take a deep dive into a twisted (and entertaining) automotive alternative history.

A Peek At Images From Your Speed, Our Greed

Every single image in Your Speed, Our Greed was generated through Midjourney, an A.I. image creation platform. The results are pictures that are utterly ridiculous or stunningly realistic. There is not another e-book like this one! Order your copy today, an absolute STEAL at $3.99!

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