Online Social Hangouts

The No Limits Digital Drawing Program – Arts For Everyone!

The No Limits Digital Drawing class features a monthly social event online for students and not-yet students. The emphasis is on socializing, fun and making new friends, and is completely free, whether you are a student or not.

Next Online Social Hangout: Date To Be Determined

Video Highlights From Previous Hangouts

The first online hangout was in October, and so had a Halloween theme. My SMA students Shannon, Brooklynn and Maia talk about Halloween costumes involving wheelchairs, we viewed a device for creating scary horror movie sounds (called The Apprehension Engine) and made plans to meet up together at a comic-con when the pandemic is over:

The second online hangout was even more fun; I re-drew student artwork in various styles as a fun exercise. Below the video is a gallery of the versions I created, with the original piece first.

As part of November’s social hangout, created different versions of an art piece sent to me by Maia, Shannon and Brooklynn. The slideshow below showcases the fun results:

The third and final online hangout of 2020 was, as always, a lot of fun; This month was a Christmas theme and we talked about Santa Claus paintings, Rube Goldberg machines, creepy dolls and silly Christmas hats.

Do you want more information on the No Limits Digital drawing program?

Email Mike Lyman at, or call/text 727-492-0135

Feel free to spread the word about this innovative program which has already changed the lives of these truly amazing young artists!