Create Your Own Comic or Graphic Novel

Ever wanted to illustrate your own story, but had no idea where to even begin…? Curious about what goes into publishing your comic or graphic novel?

Michael K. Lyman, whose own graphic novel Dark Office will be published this year, has created this fun, innovative class that takes you through every step, which is available online! Watch the first video of the course to learn more, and take the entire course at your leisure!

Chapter One: About the Course

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Create your very own comic or graphic novel the EASY way with this fun class! Students learn each step of the process, from creating a character, planning a story and working with panels, to penciling and inking. Best of all, being a master artist is NOT required!

When the course is over, students will know how to create a comic or graphic novel of any length they desire! The emphasis is on keeping it simple. If you’re looking for an easy way to learn the process, this is it!

Students should have an interest in creating a comic-type story, an intermediate skill in drawing, and be prepared to work on their projects between chapters. To begin the course, watch the following videos in sequence, and above all, enjoy!

(Note: the e-book that accompanies the course will be available for download soon)

Chapter Two: Getting Started

Chapter Three: Story and World Building

Chapter Four: Characters

Chapter Five: Scripts and Camera Angles

Chapter Six: Drawing Your Graphic Novel

Chapter Seven: Final Thoughts