Private Lessons

Private lessons offer students a confidential, convenient art instruction experience specifically tailored to the student’s interests and skill level, conducted online or in-person (the instructor is masked for the duration of the lesson hand has been fully vaccinated).

Private lessons can help students with the following goals:

  • Preparation for advanced art programs

  • Building self-confidence through the arts

  • Recovering from physical or emotional injury

  • Developing healthy techniques for self-expression

“Mr. Lyman has instructed my daughter in both group settings and private lessons. From a mother’s perspective, I know my daughter was well prepared for a week-long summer intensive of drawing at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) as a rising Sophomore, due to Mr. Lyman’s instruction.”
–Claire Hancock

Lessons last one hour; the cost for private lessons are as follows:

  • One hour lessons (in-person): $50.00 per session

  • Five or more one-hour lessons (in-person): $45.00 per session

  • One hour lessons (online): $35.00

  • Five or more one-hour lessons (online): $30.00 per session

  • Thirty minute lessons (online): $15.00 per session

  • Five or more thirty-minute sessions (online): $10.00 per session

Students (and parents) set the agenda for lessons and are encouraged to provide feedback on how the instruction is going, what is working, what isn’t, so the lessons are as helpful as possible.

For more information, or to arrange for private lessons, call or text 727-492-0135, or email