Drawing Reference Images

Magnum Arts classes provide plenty of visual references to help students draw; indeed, using visual reference is vital for just about any artist. Need to draw a certain pose or object? Find a visual reference to guide you.

Below are links to libraries of references compiled by Magnum Arts specifically for students, the same references that are used in class. Feel free to use them to improve your art projects.

Drawing Reference Library – This visual library, assembled by Magnum Arts specifically for the drawing classes, has loads of examples of hands, faces, action poses, perspective, landscapes and more. It is being updated all the time.

Faces Image Library – This library has hundreds of male and female faces to use for drawing and creating your own characters, a very handy resource.

Stock Images For Inspiration – In the 1980s, artists would create dozens of stock illustrations which were collected by media companies that produced catalogs of them. Magazine publishers and advertising agencies needing an illustration for an article or ad campaign would buy the right to use the illustration in their publication. The illustration covered all sorts of subjects. This is a large library of them for you to use for inspiration.

Magnum Arts Pinterest Art Reference – An always-expanding collection of helpful reference images to help you draw all sorts of poses, clothing and parts of the body